Dr. Camara Jones & Dr. Kevin McDonald Speak at Race & Health Roundtable


March 11, 2016 Interview

Social Solutions, LLC a consulting firm providing strategic and public relations leadership to the Committee on Racism in State Government, is presenting a series of roundtables on RACE & HEALTH: The impact of racism on individuals and organizational environments, The roundtable discussions spark the conversation and create awareness about the mental and physical health implications associated with racist and discriminatory environments.

FEATURED PRESENTER: Camara Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, a nationally renowned expert on how racism impacts the health and well being of individuals and organizations, is the featured speaker and panelist. She is the newly elected President of the American Public Health Association and Senior Fellow at the Satcher Health Leadership Institute, Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta.

SPECIAL GUEST: She will be joined by Kevin McDonald, J.D., Ed.D., vice president and associate provost for diversity and inclusion at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Dr. McDonald has succeeded greatly in furthering transformational initiatives that help advance organizational equity, diversity and inclusion.